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Here we offer a variety of articles written by ODA about our activities or issues of concern.

Feb 14 2017

Los Alamitos Bay Cleanup Effort Continues

ODA cleans habitat of Reddish Egret and CurlewWe need the rain in California, but we don't love the destruction it can bring.

In our case, in Southern Cal, our coastlines have been blanketed with trash--a lot of it plastic--that was washed towards the ocean by the torrential rains.

Check out our awesome Coastal Cleanup Crew and their "catch of the day"!

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Feb 07 2017

Wetlands More Habitable Now

ODA Cleanup Crew hard at workWetlands are vital for migrating birds and as hatchery habitat for young fish.

The last thing these animals need is plastic in their habitat!

See what our champion team accomplished this Sunday, and consider joining the fun next weekend!

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Jan 31 2017

Huntington Beach Harbor Clean-up Under Way

ODA Harbor Clean-up Crew removing plastic and debris.When it rains it pours…garbage!

And that's when the ODA Crew gets to work.

There was--and still is--so much trash to remove from Huntington Beach Harbor. Please read about it and give us a hand!

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Jan 26 2017

Plastic Patrol Plea for Partners

ODA volunteer Darlene Sommers and Founder Kurt LeiberWe, in Southern California, are thankful for the recent rain, but now in the aftermath, we urgently need help in cleaning up the plastic and other trash that washed into Huntington Harbor!

Let's clean it up together! Join us this Sunday, the 29th, at 10am. Please contact:

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Jan 16 2017

A Plastic Ocean

Trash, lots of plasticShout-out to our friend Jo Ruxton who just finished producing a new documentary called A Plastic Ocean. It's a sad but true story the whole world needs to hear.

We're pleased that one of the directors on our board--Bonnie Monteleone--is one of the scientists featured in the film. Go Bonnie!!

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Jan 11 2017

Cleaning Newport Beach Waters of Hazardous Debris

ODA Diver with sea lionTwo types of rare bass fish (giant and white) have a safer home after the dedicated ODA Boat & Dive Crew cleared away deadly debris from the fishes' (and sea lions!) habitat.

Come along off the coast of beautiful Newport Beach with us and see what we got!

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Dec 22 2016

Holiday Gifts for the Oceans

ODA Volunteer Boat & Dive Crew onboard Mr. Barker's LegaSeaDon't be crabby during the holidays!

Come join us on this recent journey and see the huge crab trabs we removed. Some ocean wildlife is resting a lot easier now that these threats have been removed from their ecosystem!

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Dec 13 2016

Abandoned Squid Net Kills No More

Volunteer ODA Diver Kim Cardenas working to cut the net free.This huge, menacing abandoned squid net no longer plagues the waters of Newport Beach, CA!

Our fantastic Dive & Boat Crew worked like a well-oiled machine to find, retrieve, and remove this bad boy.
Check out our 50+ pictures!


Read more: Abandoned Squid Net Kills No More

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