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Where We Work

Where We Work

In general, the Hawaiian Islands are known as the “paradise islands.” We agree they’re incredibly beautiful.  These islands deserve our stewardship and care especially because their beaches and waters are marred by abandoned fishing gear—both commercial and recreational—as well as plastic and “gyre-type” pollution.

In 2016, due to the great need for ocean cleanups, Ocean Defender Alliance (ODA) began working in Hawai'i. We kicked off our debris-removal work in Oahu with the help of long-time friend Stephen Boreman, Esq., his nephew Mash Hatae, Vicki Szymczak, and friends from the University of Hawai’i who are very concerned about the health of their local waters.

Since that time, ODA-Hawai'i has expanded significantly, with dozens of volunteers participating in ocean cleanups on Oahu and the Big Island, with Maui to be added in early 2022.


Because the coastal waters of Hawai'i are generally very deep, it’s quite different from the work we do off the coast of California where we can dive 35-100 feet and remove debris that’s sitting on the ocean floor.

The way the ocean currents flow, most ghost gear collects in the Pacific Gyre (garbage patch), but some spins out and washes ashore. Often, we remove very large quantities of fishing net from beaches along with fishing ropes and other garbage. Occasionally, we also find fishing equipment such as nets floating at sea, and regularly we find recreational fishing lines and toxic lead weights on the coral-laiden underwater cliffs and near-shore bottoms. ODA-Hawai'i is also expert at removing debris from harbors, bays, and inlets.



In Hawai'i, rather than own and keep vessels (which means high costs for purchasing, maintenance, and moorage), we partner with four reputable dive companies:

  • Oahu: Island Divers Hawaii, Matt Zimmerman (owner)
  • Big Island: Jack’s Diving Locker, Teri & Jeff Leicher (co-owners)
  • Big Island: Kohala Divers, Rebekah and Greg Kaufmann (co-owners)
  • Big Island: Kona Honu Divers

We are fortunate to have these excellent partners. We work from their boats and they help connect us with people who want to give back to the oceans.



We’re thankful there are so many people in Hawai’i who are passionate about their coastal waters!

On the Big Island, as mentioned above, we enjoy working with three dive companies (Jack’s Diving Locker, Kohala, and Kona Honu Divers) cleaning both debris from harbors and at sea.

Our monthly dives in Oahu waters from the Island Divers Hawai’i boat always see full crews; we’ve had over a hundred different divers participate.  Our Oahu coordinators and Advisory Board Members are Glenn Roberts (Dive team coordinator) and Marjorie Zenson.




In Hawai'i, we work regularly in the waters and on the beaches of Oahu and the Big Island, and Maui.

Some of our regular cleanup sites:

China Walls, Fishing Camp
Hālona Blowhole
Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve
Kaneohe Bay, He'eia Pier
Magic Island
Waiahole Beach Park

Island of Hawai'i:
Honokohau Harbor
Kailua Pier
Kawaihai Harbor
Keahole Point
Tako City

La Perouse Bay
Dragon’s Teeth at Makaluapuna Point.


If you haven’t already explored our California page, we invite you to do so.

We’d love to have your help in Hawai'i, whether on a beach or on a boat or helping with outreach. Check out all the types of volunteering on our Get Involved page.


Volunteer Opportunities

Check out the current list of volunteer opportunities on our ODA-Hawai'i Activities page.


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May 7, 2018 - Earth Day Cleanups on the Big Island of Hawaii

Apr 20, 2018 - ODA Partners in Monster Net Removal at Kailua Beach

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